Xin Sheng Park / Riverside Path 11km Run

TrainingIf you find yourself in this area or live close, like I do, this is a great out and back trail. It’s quick, almost no elevation change, and quiet, even on the most beautiful days/evenings there is a modest number of people on this paved riverside path. It is also very peaceful for being so close to the bustling city of Taipei and there is only one road you will have to cross.

VIRB PictureYou start on the Min Zu East and Long Jiang intersection and head away from the basketball courts. Here is where you will undoubtedly see the most people. If you look up, you will probably also see the planes flying just overhead as they prepare for their landing at the Song Shan airport.

After going half way around the track, turn right, cross the only road on this route and head to the river. Once you reach the river turn left and follow the river path.VIRB Picture

On the way out you will pass a children’s theme park on the left, go under the red MRT line, past a series of basketball and tennis courts and if you are lucky enough you might even see the rollerbladers practicing the figure-skating-like routines.

As you get closer to the turnaround point (the far bridge) the VIRB Picturegrass becomes longer and the path continues to get quieter. This path is very close to the river bank and windier than most riverside paths in Taipei and running here I’ve seen crabs or sometimes turtles on the pavement.

Once you reach the further bridge, where there is no traffic you VIRB Picturecan turn around and head back to the city. If you did continue down this path, you would enter what seems to be a rural part of Taiwan, with pig farms etc, and hardly any traffic and some interesting smells.

While heading back to the city you can see the iconic Grand Hotel on the left, and off in the distance Taipei 101 on the right.

Overall its a very quick run, very little elevation change and no traffic. Only taking minutes to almost completely leave the city behind.

VIRB Picture

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