What can I still register for? (April 18th Edition)

The temperatures are heating up in the Taipei area and most of the larger races have finished. There are still a couple, with open registration, that are worth looking forward to. I’m most excited for the Olympic Day Run and Garmin Trail Challenge, but would also love to make it to Singapore, for the Action Asia 50.

GarminIn The Taipei Area

Love Run – 5/16, 2015 – (21k, 7k) Registration ends 4/20. Registration is now closed. Sponsored by Saucony et al., this run is being held not far from XinDian MRT station. It runs the same circle course as the Elle Run  earlier this year. Hopefully the riverside portion will not be too crowded, as there are no 10km runners to compete with. Expect the initial 12km to have hills and wander through the mountains on the way to Wulai, the last 9km is flat, riverside park.  Cash prizes for the first 3 men/women overall and the top performers in each group + cute running shirts (red).

Coast runTVBS Charity Run – 5/23, 2015 – (21k, 14k, 7k, 600m) Registration ends 4/30. If you haven’t been to the north coast for a run, this might be a good excuse, but it is quite far from Taipei City, in Sanzhi. There were shuttle buses leaving from Taipei but it looks as though they have already filled. The race starts at 7am so it might be possible to take the MRT to Danshuei and a 30 minute bus from there, but overall it’s quite far from the city and the route doesn’t look spectacular.

Ahgan Cup Running – 5/31. 2015 – (21k, 10k, 5k) Registration ends 5/5. This is very accessible, starting at YuanShan station. I participated last year and the prizes and organization were acceptable. Expect a standard, out and back course, on a riverside path, without any significant change in elevation.

Olympic dayOlympic Run – 6/6, 2015 (21k, 2.5k) Registration extended until 4/24. Registration is now closed. This starts near Banqiao, and follows the highway, following the river, first south, and then north, and back to the start. Participants get mugs, bright colored T-shirts, towels, etc. It looks like it will be well organized, with space for up to 7000 runners and the top prizes for either gender start at 20,000 NTD.

Taiwan beerCrazy Beer Trail Run – 6/13, 2015 – (10k, 6k) Registration ends 4/26. Registration is now closed. Are you looking for something fun/brief to introduce you to the wonders of the trails? Do you like beer? It seems like there are also some fairly nice prizes from the sponsors of this event, with Merrel shoes/ apparel going to the winners, just hope they don’t make you do the beer mile! Also a great race if you don’t like mornings, 2-6pm, don’t forget your sunscreen!

Taipei Starlight Marathon – 6/13, 2015 (42k, 21k, 10k) Registration ends 5/13. This event is held in the evening. It starts at Dajia park and makes a loop following the river, along the Riverside park. Full marathoners will make 2 loops of the course. Trophies and prizes are offered to top participants.

GarminGarmin Trail Challenge – 6/21, 2015 (14.1k, 8.5k, 5.3k) Registration ends 5/11. This is the first Garmin trail race that I have seen offered. The cash prizes are 5000NT for the top runners and Garmin is offering discounts on GPS watches to participants. You can also download the GPX map on their site if you would like to practice the trail before hand. The  race is a little far from Taipei but there is a shuttle leaving from main station at 4:30 am, returning at 10:30am, 400 NTD per person.

UCR + I love charity – 6/27, 2015 (21k, 10k, 5k) Registration ends 6/10. This is a riverside race, top finishers receive decent cash prizes, starting at 5000 NT. The race starts at 7am and is easily accessible but expect it to be a very hot run, being central Taipei in mid-summer.

Shiding Marathon – 6/28, 2015 (42k, 21k, 10k, 3k) Registration ends 5/10. If you like hilly marathons, don’t mind the summer heat, and loathe running 21k laps as a 42k runner this might be the marathon for you. Although the marathon is a little far from town, there will be shuttle buses leaving from Taipei Zoo at 4-5am.

Featured Destination Race

CityMSIG Singapore Action Asia – 7/25, 2015 (50k, 21k, 10k) Registration ends when the race is full. If you are looking for a reason to visit the relatively small island of Singapore, this might be it. Centrally located, it doesn’t take more than a couple hours and a few thousand dollars to get to Singapore. With this race, you’ll most likely get to see a part of the country you might otherwise not see. This race is a first of its kind in Singapore and boasts a flat, fast urban race with 90% unpaved trail.

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