Finding Ultra: Rejecting Middle Age, Becoming One of the World’s Fittest Men and Discovering Myself – Rich Roll

Finding ultra coverIn 2006, Rich Roll decided to transform his life and in just 2 short years became one of the top finishers in Hawaii’s annual 320 mile Ultra Man World Championship event.  He gave up the lifestyle and food, that made him 50 pounds overweight and lethargic. Although Rich was a competitive swimmer in his college days at Stanford in the 80s, he soon found his life spinning out of control when he was introduced to a party lifestyle in university.

Rich shares his life story with unbarred honesty, taking us  through his early swimming career which eventually declined into cringe-worthy college years. After rehab in his 30s, Rich continued to pursue his successful law career with his beautiful wife and children. Finally, he realized, after breathlessly climbing a flight of stairs, that he could be much more than what he had complacently become. He has accredited his amazing physical transformation to the commitment of giving up a traditional diet and becoming a dedicated vegan.

HerbivoreRich Roll has since been named one of the world’s fittest men, is an accomplished vegan athlete and was one of the first people in the world to complete the Epic 5 Challenge. He has since given up his law practice, becoming a bestselling author, and the host of a successful podcast focused on health and living well. Rich outlines throughout the book specific steps he took to make his transformation “from fat dad to ultra fit father”. Often referring to detox plans he used to jump-start his healthy living and occasionally, shamelessly marketing his other products.

This light read will have you pinching your belly fat and getting off your couch to exercise, in an inspiring way. But take expected results with a grain of salt, Rich has genetics and is familiar with the dedication that comes with becoming a professional athlete. As evidenced by his addictions, he might also live in extremes, something which not everyone is capable of. Raw_Vegan_Veggy_Patty

In the end, the message of this book is simple. Its never too late to change your life.. And you are what you eat.

Check out what others thought here and order this book within Taiwan from here. You can also catch up with Rich on his weekly podcast on living well.

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